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Adam 22 Wife Viral Video , Viral on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram ( Watch )

Adam 22 Wife Viral Video Leaked : American podcaster and YouTuber Adam John Grandmaison, also known by his stage name Adam22, is receiving a lot of heat on Twitter for planned content that is similar to that of the adult film industry and has unquestionably been over the line into farce.

Adam22 wife video goes viral on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram

In May 2023, he married Lena ‘The Plug’ Nersesian, who had previously worked as a content developer before transitioning into the film industry. In 2017, Adam and Lena released their first s*x tape, which was given out to their OF. The video didn’t become widely available on websites until 2019. After that, the duo launched The Plug, a podcast where they conducted interviews with professionals in the film industry.

Adam 22 Wife Viral Video

Lena found Jason Luv more interesting than Adam22

Lena the Plug has admitted that she thought having s*x with another star was “more interesting” than having it with her husband. Even in the best of circumstances, work-life balance is difficult. However, it’s not difficult to imagine how that may have a slightly wider influence on your personal life when your work is being recorded having s*x with people for a million-person audience

. Lena has discussed the overlap between her professional and personal lives. She revealed that she did love Jason’s new d**k as everything new is exciting and enjoyable during a video appearance on Adin Ross’ YouTube channel.

“You choose Jason over your husband?” the host asked. Since she has only had s*x with one person for seven years, she retorted that a new experience will always be a little more interesting and different, even though Adam was very exciting to her s*xually.

Lena further disclosed that she had endured excruciating anguish for ‘three to four days’ following the shooting with Jason. She claimed that they had grown closer and that Adam had more s*x than ever after she felt better, which she attributed to his trying to “assert his dominance.

Adam 22 Wife Viral Video

” Twitter is furious over this drama

When Adam permitted his wife Lena to engage in activity with a different man on camera for the sake of views and influence, he received a lot of abuse on Twitter. A lot of viewers came down to say that his wife had to persuade and sell him on the idea and that he had actually voiced dissatisfaction with the entire thing.

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate also discussed the possibility of an open relationship. He called out the former BMX content producer, stating that “The Matrix” is aiming to make men subordinate to women, which he used to defend the entire idea.

Despite the criticism, Adam continued to promote the footage by posting a photo of himself and his wife with the message, “6 days until the world gets to see my wife get her back blown out.” “

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